Meeting Minutes – 10.25.22

UCYPAA Meeting Notes


Present: Jen B, Diana S, Alex K, Lisa C, Brian, Anna P


Put bid requirements on website?

How to do pre registration?

Possible location ideas?


  • Lisa reached out to Kayden from Sucypaa, they’re still active.
  • Jen is happy to attend a Sucypaa meeting. She did attend SALTYPAA, they are enthusiastic about a possible bid. She will be going to CACHYPAA to see if they’re interested. Small committee so not expected.
  • Alex – group email needed? She is happy to create one. Post Brian’s video on social.

Additional Conference Planning Details:

Lisa – Motion to add bid requirements to facebook and website – passed unanimously.

Lisa – Motion to add Brian’s video to FB and website – passed unanimously.

Alex – Create UCYPAA gmail account for info sharing. Password sharing? Only operating committee will have Password as well as website chair.

Jen – looked at camp sites and found lots of options. Box Elder is ideal, 1 hour from SLC. Well priced, good cancellation policy. Not a ton of covered area so not ideal if it rains. It’s available May 19-21st. Additional options she found are in her document. Rockport also a possibility – $225 per night without church.

Skyler – Beaver mountain has a lodge with their campsite. 2.5 hours from SLC.

It will be a 2 night conference.

Motion to book Box Elder so we have it as an option. Passed unanimously.

Jen fronting the money for booking since we can cancel easily for $18

•          Available 5/19-5/21

•          Group C, 125 max, 25 max vehicle, $208/night

•          Group D, 64 max, 13 max vehicles,

Brian will set up a bank account for UPCYPAA venmo.

Fundraising events will need to be planned.

  • Possible Karaoke at the Palace with speaker meeting

Elections will be held to fill additional positions.

Next committee meeting is in two weeks on November 8th at 6pm

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