Meeting Minutes 11-08-22

UCYPAA Meeting Notes
Present: Jen B, Diana S, Alex K, Brian S, Brian B, Lisa C, Clara H, Anna P


Notes on Reports:

  • Lisa will reach out to the palace re events
  • Alex set up an email for UCYPAA (
  • Previous meeting minutes approved
  • Jen – SALTYPAA voted to bid. CACHYPAA will not bid, they are bidding for SWACYPAA.
    Hoping to get two bids.
  • Outreach ideas to different meetings in the area.
  • Brian – Will go to Tooele for outreach. Happy to make a flyer
  • Brian Treasury – will set up bank account soon.
  • Become a nonprofit? – Alex will look into it. Beneficial for future taxes.
  • Events – Jen’s idea for an event in December
  • Cohost something with SALTYPAA? This would mean splitting event costs and proceeds.
    o Possibly sell drinks at SALTYPAA event?
    o Ugly sweater contest, white elephant exchange is the December event
    o Ideas to host our own event in January
    ▪ pancakes and traditions?
    ▪ Kickball
    ▪ Karaoke
    ▪ Casino night
  • Alex – we need a flyer and a way for people to preregistration.
  • Jen will create the registration form
  • Lisa – dual membership with UCYPAA and SALTYPAA: thought for conflicting members
    to step out of certain meetings
  • Jen – motions that members of advisory who are also on a bid committee don’t
    participate with voting on bid committees. Passed unanimously.
    Camping event logistics:
  • Meals – budget -structure of the weekend
  • Jen will send SNOWYPAA example budget
    For next meeting on Nov 29th @ 6pm:
  • Come with event ideas and be ready to plan!!!

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