Meeting Minutes 11-29-22

UCYPAA Meeting Notes 11/29/22                                                                                                                             

Present: Jen B, Diana S, Alex K, Brian S, Brian B, Lisa C, Clara H, Anna P

Notes on Reports

Lisa – SALTY split fees and returns for their December event

Brian – No report

Jen –

  • SALTYPAA is the only active bid, SALTYPAA is an active bid committee. Held event 11/19. We announced UCYPAA there. No questions about bid requirements from the committee
  • Announced UCYPAA and mentioned bidding at Saturday night Rise & Grind meeting. PS-this meeting is HUGE and full of newcomers
  • Planning to attend 4th dimension Park City YP meeting on Sunday 12/4 to discuss any interest on bidding
  • Texted SUCYPAA chair and cochair (thanks for the #s Lisa!). Waiting to hear back since I just reached out 11/28
  • CACHEYPAA- not bidding. I don’t have plan for further bid city outreach with the group unless Advisory wants me to continue to each out
  • I’ve given up on HVYPAA/Utah County unless anyone else has suggestions. I’m not sure where the YP are in this area.

Brian – 501c3 may be too costly ($500 per year)

  • Casino night event may be difficult because some people don’t want to gamble.

Diana stepped down from Secretary position.

Clara would be willing to take notes at meetings until Secretary position is filled.


1 – co host SALTY holiday party

2 – Co-host a NYE Event with SNOWYPAA west. Lisa will reach out to Fellowship Hall to see if they’re open to allowing an event there. Suggested format: Speaker meeting @ 9pm and Karaoke following that. Motion to cohost karaoke bid off event passes.

3 – Winter Dodgeball in January, Saturday afternoon the 28th.

Conference Planning

No grills at campsite. Conference would provide both breakfasts and Saturday night meal. Bring your own Friday dinner/Saturday lunch.

Breakfast – pancakes, Costco muffins, banana bread

Dinner – Burritos

Events weekend of – kickball, reservoir, archery range, 10pm and after is quiet hour

Pricing – ballpark $400 for campsite, $400 for food. $25 each for preregistration, $30 after prereg ends, prereg ends February 12th , bumped to $40 at the door. Try to keep expenses under $1000.

Diana sent a suggested program overview. Below:

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