Meeting Minutes 12-13-22

UCYPAA Meeting Notes


Present: Jen B, Alex K, Lisa C, Clara H, Brian S, Brian B

Notes on Reports

Secretary- Read last minutes, minutes were approved


            UCYPAA Venmo is set up, QR code is in GroupMe.

            Login is UCYPAA advisory email

Bid Liaison:

            No word on SUCYPAA

            Outreaching to Ogden to outreach, then Park City to drum up interest in bids.


            Going to add pre-reg info to website, as well as previous minutes.


Received information on Spanish speaking young people’s group, Lisa to find out more.

Old Business:


December 17th is SALTYPAA Holiday party, UCYPAA to hold 50/50 raffle for this. Alex to manage the raffle!]

New Years Eve with SNOWYPAA, suggested donation is $10. Fellowship hall confirmed for location. 9-10pm male speaker. Provide pizza for sale.

            Need general outreach.

$30 budget for half of pizza and decorations. Motion to share cost of this event with SNOWYPAA 50/50.

Outreach for this event is going well, flyers up at a few places.

Clara to find a speaker for this event.

Clara to search for rec centers for January dodgeball event.

Lisa and Jen working on updating the registration form to be more clear. Brian to set up CashApp for UCYPAA. Updated flyer will be finalized by this weekend, Brian B to update language on flyer, add pre-reg and venmo QR code to the flyer as well.  

Conference Planning

Jen created registration form.

UCYPAA theme:

New freedom, and new happiness

Stood in the Sunlight At Last


Hang together or die separately

Your Imagination will be fired

Jen made a motion to adopt, Clara seconded.

            Your Imagination will be Fired.

Motion passed.

Next Meeting is January 3rd @ 6pm

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