Meeting Minutes 2-7-23


Here are the minutes from Feb 7th – 

Meeting Started at 6:06PM on Zoom

Serenity Prayer

Role: Clara, Lisa, Cassidy, Brian

January minutes read & approved – Clara

General group discussion – booked back-up campsite on Antelope Island

Chair – Lisa

Outreach at ACYPAA

Banners got stolen but got it back 

American Fork, Hugo – doesn’t know if they’ll do a bid

Set up a different Zoom account for our next meeting on the 19th 

Treasurer’s Report – Brian

$545 not including what we need for paying Anna for Dodgeball

Leaves us with $460-$450

Outreach – trying to set up a district list for DCMCs? Cassidy said she can send him DCMC for District 2 information – included Amy S’s information in zoom chat 

Lisa – Tentative budget for hospitality (food stuffs) 

Breakfast – pancakes for two days

Taco bar on Saturday


$302 – doesn’t include drinks or tax – around $400 forecasted for food budget

We might provide firewood depending on if we have a hookup

Some discussion on having someone who could provide firewood. Will follow up. 

March event – Steve – Could help host the event

Decided on March 4th for that event

Viability of UCYPAA? 

Lost money on the dodgeball event – what happened? 

Discussed maybe time of day, frequency of events by different committees

Venmo cut off for flyer 

Meeting ended at 7PM

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