Meeting Minutes 3-14-23

Meeting started @ 606 PM 

Cassidy, Secretary – Feb 28th minutes read and approved 

Chair Reports

Chair, Lisa

Bid report, not sure where we’re at with that. Meeting at Jen’s house for phones. Continue to reach out and get help for hosting if you need help for any of your positions. 

Website, Alex

Added an events tab and now has flyers on there for our events. Meeting minutes are updated through our last meeting. 

Outreach, Brian 

Went down to Moab and had a young person’s meeting on Saturdays at 7pm. Also sent an email to Craig for Provo’s central office. He’s going to add the Ucypaa flyer to their newsletter. Within the next week he’ll go to a new spot in the state and see what’s happening and see if there’s any other young people’s meetings. 

Treasury, Brian 

Earned a little bit at the karaoke chili cookoff from donations, got one more registration. $773 total on the books. 

Bids, Jen 

Only thing she has is they’re hosting the event/phones on Sunday. Most of saltypaa will be there in person. Only anticipates the saltypaa bid. 14 registrations total – might need to reconcile and make sure people are paying. 

Old Business 

Try to do an April Event? Yes, let’s do something fellowship and fun themed. Bowling, hike, etc. 


All filled except the transportation chair. If you know anyone that’s good at organizing people. Jen brought up a transportation chair to get people to carpool and coordinate carpooling with us only having 25 parking spots. 

New Business

Jen – the Antelope Island location is a reasonable backup if there’s snow, however the closest toilet is a mile away and there’s only one toilet. Group discussed maybe moving the dates or moving the venue. Antelope island only has one toilet so that is frightening for all of us. 

Discussed other camping factors like generators, zumba, yoga, meditation, bathroom situations, etc. and who we could have as a speaker. Why didn’t we get a hotel/camping situation? At the time of planning this out, didn’t have any money to start out with or a facilities chair. Limited on games. Couldn’t do a dance, seems too complicated. Could do games of some sort like Mafia. Discussed flashlight tag and giant bonfire for burning our burning resentments on. Discussed needing topic ideas for the meetings. Hike coordination needed. Are dogs allowed? Can discuss next time.

Committee goals

  • Get pre reg’s 
  • Saturday morning meditation/walk person 
  • Jen will check antelope island bathroom situation
  • Think of meeting topics
  • Social event for april 
  • Meet in two weeks? Yes on March 28th at 6pm 
  • Think of a main speaker

Meeting ended with Serenity Prayer @ 702 PM 

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