Meeting Minutes 5-2-23

Minutes read by Lisa @ 610 – minutes approved

Chair, Lisa

Said she’ll finish the flier after this meeting. 

Alex, website – nothing to report

Treasury, Brian – have 1132 in the bank account and every couple days there’s a new registration.

Outreach, other Brian

Said he’ll head down to an event this Sunday – down in beaver – cornhole cookout event

Bid Liaison – Jen – received the Beaver bid package. Do have two hotel contracts. Will send both packages for the bids once we have all bids in. So there’s no competition.

Alex, program – Kristy is on to be the main speaker for Saturday. Day and time for two panels – Saturday at 11 am and one on Sunday. Breakfast 830-930. We haven’t figured out the plan for a group hike. Discussed timing for hike, activities, and eating. Owen being the main Friday night speaker is a maybe. 

Estimating about 40 people will actually come. 4 people coming from New Mexico. 

Old Business – 

Brian will look into getting firewood. 

Jenn – coffee & water?
Lisa –  has a coffee pot 

Discussed different stoves we could bring, a generator, other supplies, and how best to prepare meals 

Lisa will reach out to Anna about her Costco membership 😀 

$400 for food budget, will stick as close to that as possible 

Group agreed to purchase energy drinks and sparkling water and sell for $1 (no motion/vote on that) 

Group agreed to meet next week on May 9th 

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