Meeting Minutes 2-28-23

Chair Reports
Lisa, Chair
Need to schedule an advisory board.
Brian, Outreach
Discussed heading to Moab and attending a young people’s meeting out there to do some outreach. Do
we have a FB events page – if not, can we create one? Updated cover photo.
Cassidy, Secretary
Reviewed minutes from last meeting.
Brian, Treasury
Paid Anna bak. Follow up on raffle at Saltypaa? Lisa – 50/50 – Total revenue $230, winner got $115,
Saltypaa and Ucypaa split $115, $57.50 each . Remaining group balance of $690-700. We have 12
registrations now.

Old Business
Discussed chili cookoff. Someone from the 80’s is going to help us set up. The event is in Orem. Will be
able to discuss results at our next meeting.
Chili cookoff – need bowls and spoons. Discussed getting beverages transported. Clara has a prize for
the chili cookoff winner. QR code for event on flyer.
Wondering if we got our banner back? Yes
New Business
Advisory committee
Advisory committee coming up. Saltypaa the only bid at the moment – create a bid book? Need set up
help & taking friday off? If we end up at Box Elder, car max is 25 cars. Transport shuttle? Advisory to
host – new positions. Need a transport chair to coordinate rides. Camping – discussed campsite and hole
digging knowledge.
April Event?
Serenity prayer @6:58 PM

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